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Real Estate Investing Mentor

How To Identify A Real Estate Investing Mentor

Real Estate Investing Mentor

As a real estate investor, many individuals believe they need a mentor to succeed. While having a mentor may be very beneficial, I don’t believe it is a must for success. Many real estate investors have achieved success on their own, without the assistance of a mentor.

Many mentors charge tens of thousands of dollars, making the search time-consuming and costly. It’s fantastic if you can find a mentor to guide you, but don’t give up or devote all of your time to finding a mentor instead of learning about real estate.

Successful real estate investors and agents have worked with me in the past. In addition to owning 175,000 square feet of rental properties and a real estate agency, I have flipped approximately 200 residences (199 as of right now). In addition, I’ve written nine books and run a popular YouTube channel and Instagram account (100k subscribers).

Many people want to look up to me and look to me for guidance. Despite my desire to assist others, I am unable to mentor everyone who requests my assistance due to the demands of my company and family. It doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars for the initiatives I’ve put up to assist those seeking mentoring.

Real Estate Investing Mentor

What is a Real Estate Investing Mentor and Why Do You Need One?

It’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they want a mentor to do all of the work for them. If a mentor doesn’t provide the guidance they expect, some people just stop up trying to learn from them. Because they wanted someone else to do the hard lifting, most individuals who approached me were unwilling to take on the responsibility of doing it themselves. A mentor isn’t a person who can help you, but rather a person who helps you help the mentor.

People that are successful frequently have a lot going on, and their time is highly prized. Do not expect someone to assist you out for free simply because you are “very driven.” If you can provide value to a mentor, they may be eager to help you.

An experienced and trustworthy guide is referred to as a “mentor”. Takeaway points from this definition include the following:

Real Estate Investing Mentor

Who Should be a Real Estate Investing Mentor?

An effective mentor must have worked in the area the mentee wishes to learn more about in order to do so effectively. What the mentee wants to learn and how much involvement the mentor has will determine the amount of expertise required for the mentor.

If a mentor is effective, they may only know one thing really well, but that is all they can teach. Many other mentors, on the other hand, may be able to teach 10 various ways, and do so depending on what the mentee requires.

Choosing a mentor may be a daunting task, so it’s important to make sure the person you choose has relevant expertise. The more particular you can be, the better off you will be. As long as your goal is to become “a successful real estate agent,” it will be very difficult for anybody to assist you.

You can, however, locate a mentor in your chosen field if you know exactly what you want to do in that field. In my opinion, finding a mentor who is currently doing what you want to accomplish and hasn’t given up or never been an investor is essential. Make sure the person you’re relying on has really done what you want them to accomplish before you put your faith in them.

Real Estate Investing Mentor

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Real Estate Investing Mentor Real Estate Investing Mentor Real Estate Investing Mentor

Real Estate Investing Mentor Real Estate Investing Mentor Real Estate Investing Mentor

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